By Abbey Michelle


Collinear Realities & Dreams

I have been wandering in dreams for the last several months. The pandemic’s volatility, uncertainty, anxiety and otherworldly horrors had me yearning for a place of safety and comfort, so I helplessly retreated to my childhood home. Unable to comprehend the reality of global crisis, I found myself reverting back to the magical fantasies of my youth. But rather than dreaming of warlocks, wizards and werewolves, I fantasized about simplicities of a former existence that I never knew I had taken for granted: face-to-face conversation, the unawareness of a 6-foot radius, getting lost in a crowd, feeling the warmth of another’s embrace…


In my works, I try to make sense of a new reality by peering through a fantastical lens. Using photography, poetry, textile manipulation, heat transfer processing and embroidery, I re-examine “real” from the inside out. 


The world as we’ve known it has forever been changed by 2020’s universal waves. As life slowly establishes a new obscure balance, my quarantine dreams still persist. In this strange and novel era of human interaction, I wonder what we’ll value most in ourselves and others going forward. Will we see beyond exteriors to achieve a greater understanding? Will we be more honest, genuine and vulnerable with one another? Will we bear less body and give more soul? Will we engage in the introspective process of eversion, relearning ourselves and those around us—from the inside out?

Abbey Michelle graduated from Pratt Institute with her BFA in Fine Arts: Sculpture & Integrated Practice and a minor in Fashion.

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